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Add document and lose project :-)

Hello CT users,

I have 5 Word files to translate, which I placed in a single folder, then Translate folder, Glue all files, everything ok. After translating I noticed that I only had 4 files in my folder. I thought I must have forgot to place the 5th in the folder. No problem, I placed the 5th file in the folder and I thought I would only have to "Add document" with the project open. CT asks: Glue all (5) files? I click on Yes, but the project keeps showing only the first 4 files. I have repeated this 3 times, but always only the first 4 files. I decided then to say No to "Glue all files", chose only file no. 5. and translated it. After that in the project there was only file no. 5. After closing and re-opening CT it now says "No source documents" and I can't even open the xlf. Where has my project gone?



Hi Elisabetta,

When you add a new document to the 'glued' documents project, you can open it for translation in the 'unglued' mode, as you did. After the reopening/reloading of this project the newly-added document can be 'glued' to the other documents. Two questions:

1. What CT version (see the menu Help > About) have you used for this project?

2. Did you possibly move the files manually after adding the new file to the project?


Hello Igor,

I have Ichiro 2016020501, yes, I have moved the 5th file in the original de-DE folder, because, while trying to adjust things, I had noticed that it was outside (I mean inside the project folder, but outside of the de-DE folder). I now have in the project folder the de-DE folder with the 5 files, the it-IT folder with no files yet and the xlf). Even after navigating with CT to the xlf and trying to open it, CT says "No source document"...


Can you put this 5th source file back where it was placed originally by the program and open the project again?

Thanks Igor, I did, still "No source document"...


Can you submit a support ticket and attach the .ctp project file created via Project > Export > To Package... ?

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