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REQ: Mandatory QA

This might sound silly, but would it make sense to do a mandatory QA?


Sometimes I forget to trim leading/trailing spaces or to delete double spaces. Or I simply forget to do the QA because I want to check something different first in another tool and then ... (yes, we all know this).

There is this dialogue popping up when reaching the last segment (no matter if there are still untranslated / unchecked segments). But this dialogue does not appear again when all segments are checked. And even then it would be senseless if you want to do something different before/instead of doing the QA (see above).

Such a mandatory QA dialogue would make sense

- before closing CT

- after the menu command "Save project" (before saving, of course)

- after the menu commands "Export ..." (before exporting, of course)

It should contain the following elements:

[Perform QA now]   [Not now, I am in a hurry and I know what I do -> Continue with closing/saving/exporting]

This "mandatory QA" function should be optional, of course.

And yes, the QA on the fly requested here would indeed be nice.

I'd like to have QA confirmation dialogue boxes that close automatically after 2 seconds. I prefer to perform all checks after another and I always have to close the confirmation dialogue boxes before I can choose the next check.

Yes, indeed, very nice idea. And it would be cool if CT could remember the checks the user selects or unselects. The image below shows the default setting, and any of the first 5 elements I select will be forgotten next time.

Concerning Hans' wish, another radio button "Perform one test after another" would make sense here, with "Proceed with next QA" between the rounds (programming this might be quite difficult, I know)

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