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Oh, how many times I have to say this ... to nobody

 Hello, Nobody

A source-embedded pop-up term list and a glossary-specific highlighting. I can't image any better term display feature than this.

SDL and memoQ don't care about this. They just give a long list of matches, forcing me to waste time to find what I want to get.

Don't they understand why I use different glossaries: what is the difference between the project-specific one and many others? They are not equal-rate terms ... even the elementary school kid would understand it ... How about CafeTran? Does it do better than them?

WFP3 has a term tooltip, that's very good, but it's not a selectable list ...

Drop the editable-source-pane feature, let the Grid deal with WYSIWYG including tag numbers, and let the source segment pane show a selectable list of matches that can be inserted into the target segment instantly.

Let it serve us, don't allow it to make us serve it. Because this is all about what is called computer-AIDED/ASSISTED tool.

Basically, you're looking for a completely different CAT tool, aren't you? But colours for different glossaries, and for fuzzy glossary/FM matches, would be useful, I agree.

So, you'd like to hover over terms in the Source segment pane, pick your preferred target term and have it inserted in the Target segment pane? Sounds like another nice idea of yours.

Hi Masato,

Update 5 brings some significant improvements in this area.


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