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Excel import> duplication of source text content???

Hello all, 

I would like to share with you a problem I am experiencing when working with projects where the source text is a xlsx file. 

I created a project yesterday, it was quite a long text, but definitely I was investing too much time in this translation>> to my surprise the workflow created by Cafetran consists on going on circles: same segments are repeated once and again, not following the sequence of the source text, and when doing exports after enough segments translated, I see that I barely advanced in the translation.

To give you an example, when I was about to finish the translation (number of original excel cells still to be translated> 11), Cafetran was showing me an 84 % covered (well, ok...I would have given a 90% or more), but I still had more than 80 segments to translate, and it was not a matter of joining segements or numbers,  the cells still not translated were mere sentence type. 

I would appreciate very much your comments. Is there any step or option I missed to enable/disable? Did I create the project without activating any feature? HAs this happened to you?

Thank you in advance. I need to fix this, yesterday I was close not to meet my deadline because of this issue (gasp). 



I'm not sure that I understand you correctly. Did you set the Skip options correctly? At the end, did you filter on Untranslated segments?

I only work with Skip options for exact matches and locked segments, do not see how the duplication can be related. As I was advancing through the segments, I could see I was repeating segments I had already done but that appeared split in two, and the software was making work on them again when in fact in the source text there were no more segments of than content to translate...

Now that you mention that I have to filter on untranslated segments, normally I like to advance as I progress through the segments. It this filter something I will have to include in the workflow when working with excel files because otherwise what I am shown on the grid is not the real translation? 


I still have difficulties to understand what's happening. Can you perhaps make some screenshots?

Are your auto-propagation settings allright?

Or a screen movie, please. To see what you are doing. Or you could have a remote session with one of us.

Hi Elena,

Please submit a support ticket and attach the problematic Excel file there. I will look into it. 

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