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Adding new term to glossary - have to type in project every time

Hi everybody,

Every time I want to add a new term to the glossary I have to re-type the project which is kind of annoying.

Is this just me? Or is there a trick so that I have to type the project only once when adding a term and after having started the respective project.

Thanks :)


Stefanie: Is this just me?


You can configure project properties in the err, Project Configuration:



Hallo Hans :)

Thanks for the prompt reply. But in this case it is not just me, because I set the project properties and also added the project name exactly where you specified.

But this project name doesn't appear in the field "project" when I try to add a new term. But once I've added the project there it at least remains in this box as long as I have this project open.

So, maybe there is a little bug in the system :).

Viele Grüße aus Deutschland


Oh, I forgot to mentioned that now it even doesn't hold the project name when working in the same project.

Sorry for the confusion. This seems to be a quite complicated thing to explain.....

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