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CT aborts often

 I'm running CT on Win10 (Parallels).

Almost whenever I edit the source segment (Japanese), CT aborts.

Hi Masato,

There are lots of variables in your system configuration: Java, Parallels, Windows, Mac and iMac with 4k second monitor. Try to eliminate one variable at a time to find out the cause of the crash. For example, disconnect the second monitor and check.

For this system configuration, I would definitely suggest increasing RAM memory for CafeTran's Java as much as you can. Also, play with the font size for the current segment to see if the font too large can be an issue for the Japanese characters to type.


>I'm running CT on Win10 (Parallels).

>Almost whenever I edit the source segment (Japanese), CT aborts.

Perhaps you should try CafeTran on OS X?

The segment pane was detached when it happened. But no problem with the trial version on my MacBook Pro (also Parallels; enlarged to 200%).

BTW, the problem environment is an iMac 5k with a 4k second monitor.

Anyway, a big puzzle ...

I increased the memory size to 4GB, but the issue is not solved.

And after the sudden abortion, the desktop shortcut is broken.



I just noticed that this also happens after a few Japanese characters are typed in the target segment. Maybe, the font is too large for CT to handle (now set at 30 pt) or the assigned memory is too small?


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