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Create a bilingual Word document from an IDML file

Create a bilingual Word document from an IDML file, you can translate this table in Word. But why not use CafeTran instead?

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Also interesting for people working with Indesign files:

"Upload and download of INDD files to Language Terminal

Reference Number: AA-00388 Created: 06-02-2013 12:25 Last Updated: 06-02-2013 12:470 Rating/ Voters

Title: Uploading and downloading of INDD files to and from Language Terminal

Description: InDesign generates files with the file extension *.indd. This format cannot be imported directly into CAT  tools. Therefore, you can save InDesign files as IDML files. The IDML format can be imported in many CAT tools. Language Terminal enables you to upload INDD files, in the background they are converted to MQXLZ files. The MQXLZ format can be imported into memoQ. In addition to converting files from INDD to the MQXLZ format, Language Terminal also generates a preview for your MQXLZ files.

Here is how you can use Language Terminal for your InDesign files:

Create a user account (if you have none yet) for Language Terminal, or log in.Click the InDesign import tab. Click the Add new button. In the File to upload section, click the Browse button, and naviage to the INDD file you want to upload. Choose the Import InDesign into XLIFF option in the Import or export? field.Choose the source and target language for your file. 
Note: The memoQ project where you import the MQXLZ file must have the same source and target language.Click the Save button. Language Terminal now uploads your INDD file and also converts your file to MQXLZ.
Note: Language Terminal uses the CS 6 InDesign for the conversion. If you use a previous InDesign version, you may lose formating on the conversion back from MQXLZ to INDD. In this case of using an earlier version of InDesign, it might be better to use the IDML format instead.After the successful upload, you see the Viewing documents uploaded for import or export list. Here you find your uploaded and converted file. Navigate to your file, and in the Result column, click the file name to download a ZIP file which contains the MQXLZ file and a PDF file. The PDF file is automatically generated and can be used as further reference for the translation.Save the ZIP file to your computer. Unzip the file, and import the MQXLZ file into a memoQ project.After the translation is finished and all segments are reviewed and confirmed, export the MQXLZ file from memoQ, and upload the file to Language Terminal.To upload the translated MQXLZ file back to Language Terminal, follow the steps 2 to 4. In Step 4, choose the Export XLIFF into InDesign option. Language Terminal now converts the MQXLZ file back to an INDD file.In the View documents uploaded for import or export, navigate to your file, and downlaod the ZIP file in clicking on the file name.  The ZIP file contains your translated INDD file, an IDML file and a PDF file.The IDML file is generated to enable import in earlier InDesign"



PS: The "Language Terminal" is free for anyone, so not just memoQ users!

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