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Problem opening SDL .xliff and .xlsx file in CafeTran on Mac


Can anybody help me find a solution? I am new to CAT tools and CafeTran...My client has sent me an SDL package (.sdlppx). I work on Mac and was unable to download and save it so I got the client to send the file in .xliff. I managed to open it in CT, but only 10% of the segments appear. I know the client took the time to pre-segment to document. We also tried with a .xlsx file, but the same thing happened, but the segments I do see are not the same ones and are not even in the same order as the Excel file...Finally, when I tired to open the TM, I got this message: "An invalid XML character (Unicode: 0x1f) was also found in the element content of the document." What did I do wrong and/or how can I solve these issues?

Thank you!

Hello Cathy,

there might a very simple reason that only a part of the segments is visible. By default, CafeTran only loads 50 segments in one rush. It loads the next segments when you finished the first segments or when you click on the small arrows above the grey grid view (next to the flag and the word Finalize).

You can change this with the setting CafeTran > Preferences > Project page size. You will need enough RAM to enter here a high value.


And you can simply ignore the warning about the invalid xml characters: CafeTran will fix the TM for you.
About getting the next SDLPPX: you can ask your client to simply send it per mail when it's small. When it's big and they use Apple Mail too, you will/can get a link to the package. Or you can set up Dropbox and share a folder with them: everything your client puts in this folder, will be pushed to your Mac automatically. Same way back for the return package once you have finished your translation. Very transparent.
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