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REQ: Clearer export dialogues (in Mac)

When using the command Project > Export, CT tends to get the user a bit lost.

When choosing the option To TMX memory ... (by the way, shouldn't it be ... to TMX memory?), the next title of the file dialogue reads Save project

The same when choosing To HTML File ...: the next title of the file dialogue reads Save project. Nothing more.

Shouldn't be these titles more specific, eg. Save project as HTML file instead of Save project?

The 2nd thing is that CT warns if a file is going to be replaced, but indeed it doesn't.

Example: After creating text_project.ctp, I want to produce a HTML file. In the file dialogue, I click on text_project.cp, and CT warns me that the file will be overwritten. But if I ignore this warning (clicking explicitly on "Replace"), CT creates a file named text_project.ctp.html, while the original file remains untouched. Even if later, I want to export a second HTML file and I chose the same name, CT creates a file text_project.ctp.html.html instead of overwriting the elder file. 

This behaviour is okay and really great, but why then these warning dialogues?

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