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Deleting PowerPoint notes in one operation

When you want to translate only the slides of a PPT file with notes, there is an easy procedure available.

1. Preparation: Deleting all notes from the PPT file in one operation

  • Create a copy of the original source file.
  • Open the copy file and click on the File tab. Follow the screenshots below (2010 Edition; and sorry for the Japanese interface).

Select document inspection:

Run inspection:

Delete all the notes and save:

2. Translate the copy file with CT, and add all the translations to a project-specific TM (Memory > Import > Import from segments from project).

3. Open the original source file and the project-specific TM in CT. Go to Translate > Insert all exact matches.


This should work fine unless you have edited one or more source segments or there are completely identical segments in the slide and note portions.

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Steps 2 and 3 can be much simpler now, according to Igor's latest posting about Update 4:

>> I also missed mentioning one new feature present in update 4 - the ability to replace the currently-translated document with its another version. See the menu Project > Replace document. For example, it may be useful when the client corrects something in the document and sends it to you again after you are half way with the translation of the previous version of the document.


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