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xml files

I have tried to import some xml files into CafeTran but no segments were displayed. Tested the same files in DVX3 and memoQ, Creating a filter for translatable context was easy with these tools. But I could not find a way to do it in CafeTran. 

A sample file is attached.


(612 Bytes)

What should be the resulting file? If I try to convert (outside CT) the sample to a format CT can handle, I only get


as text to be translated. If I import your original sample.xml in CT, I get err, nothing. Which seems to be correct.


There are 18 segments in this file.Translatable text is in locString.

In memoQ it is easy to define translatable text

Same with DVX

There are XML import settings in Studio as well. I am sure CafeTran can do it, too, but I cannot find the settings.


Selçuk: ...but I cannot find the settings.

Neither can I. I checked the *.xml, and it's valid. I converted it to *.docx, and only got the result I mentioned above. Nice problem for an Easter Sunday...


I will try the Excel way, " is delimiter.

You can also open the file in Word and use F/R in Word to hide everything but the translatable text.

Excel is not bad for simple xml files. But for files with complex structure such as 05 - dogs xml found in sample files, posted by Paul Filkin in his article X Files… ATA56, Excel is not best or easiest choice. 


I can't figure it out. I tried to save it as a text file without the mark-up (Word), but because of "ID1" etc., it's probably a spreadsheet, or even more probably a database. Possibly *.po/Wordpress-related.


In Word, Find (use wildcards) [<]*[>] and Replace all with hidden text works.

A second F&R to hide links to images (......jpg) is required in this file.

But generally speaking, Word method looks much better than Excel.

The clipboard workflow may also be a way out (if the file isn't huge). All in all, and I'm not much in favour of yet another feature, I think maybe, in this case and this case only, Igor should have a look at it...


Another feature? Well, Find & Replace in Word for a few xml files is easy, but what about hundreds even thousands of them. Perhaps there are macros for it but I still believe settings for xml files will help translators.

Selçuk: ...but I still believe settings for xml files will help translators.

Yes, in this case I think I reluctantly will have to agree.


Selçuk, did you try something like


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Hi Selcuk,

CT should be able to achieve it soon in less intricate way than the one presented on the screenshots. I am musing over the feature where the user can define any text in the Find panel, in any document type, and filter this defined text for the translation hiding the remaining part. Stay tuned.


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Thanks Igor,

Take your time for any urgent fixes (if any) or other feature requests. But I think it was in your development plans too :)



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