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CafeTran should warn when a Studio package contains a termbase

I think that it's very important that CafeTran should warn when a Studio package contains a termbase. I've now made the mistake several times, not to check a Studio package in Studio first and to directly translate it in CafeTran. All fine, of course.

And then, when verifying the translated project in Studio, notice that there was a termbase attached, with terms that had to be used :(.

So, hence my request: let CafeTran give a warning when a SDLPPX contains a termbase.

On the long term, CafeTran should be able to create a glossary from this termbase.

Hi Hans,

As you know, the Studio package may also contain some special ".ini" file created by the client.
I may be wrong, but to be safe I prefer to open the package in Studio first, take a look at the content and save the target xliff files in Studio itself, to make sure they will open correctly in CT.
Any opinions on that?

I've never seen such an INI file. But you procedure sounds all right to me. Provided that one has Studio.

Please, please, please!

Can you make CafeTran Espresso 2018 warn me when the Studio package contains something in the Termbases� subfolder:


I completely run these packages in CafeTran Espresso 2018 and I'm not into the habit of checking the existence of a subfolder Termbases with content.

So please, as a first step to supporting the import of these termbases, could you please let CafeTran Espresso 2018 warn me?

Never bother the dev with tasks that you can solve yourself ... So I’ll try to work around this via And possible have the term base extracted via
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