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Can't export translated file, only tab file

Hi everyone.

I am very new to CafeTran, I managed to figure most of the things out but here I am blocked, even after reading almost all subjects on the issue.

I started a project from Clipboard. I translate all the segments just as in the video.

But then at the end, impossible to get a single word document (monolingual). I do get a bilingual with tabs doc, but absolutely no trace and no possibility to have the translated text alone.

Am I doing something wrong? Does that function not work on clipboard mode? I also tried the "paste" option into word, it does only paste my last segment and not all of my segments...So I'm kind of stuck...any help?

I'm using CT on Macbook Air.


I have to add that if I translate directly from a document (not clipboard mode) there's no problem at all...

Hi Kevin,

In the clipboard mode, the monolingual export back via the system clipboard occurs automatically:

  1. Once you complete the translation of one imported/copied fragment.
  2. As you move from one segment to another, the current target segment is sent back to the clipboard.

As I understand your question, you wish to export all the imported fragments as one document. Then, CT exports it in the bilingual form. It is easy to select the target language column in the bilingual Word document, copy and paste them into the new Word document to end up with the monolingual text.  Nevertheless, the option will be added to create the whole monolingual document directly in the clipboard mode  - without the need to create the bilingual doc first. Stay tuned.


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