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They're back! (those source segments at the target side in SDLXLIFF)

I must have made a mistake, nevertheless I want to report this...

I'm translating another fine manual for one of my favourite customers (with which I'm working since the start of my career as a technical translator German > Dutch), who builds machines in the food processing area.

Since CafeTran's current implementation of the MIF filter has some disadvantages (especially disturbing tags caused by new lines), I decided to import the manual in Studio and translate the SDLXLIFF in CafeTran.

In Studio, I copied all sources to target.

In CafeTran I removed all targets. They were empty yesterday.

When I reloaded the project today, many not yet translated target segments (not all of them) were populated by sources again.


Is it me or is it Andrelon?

It's definitely CafeTran that's putting the target segments back between sessions. I've repeated the deletion of source=target on two days now, this morning I find the targets back again.

Can you please fix this?

Strange thing is: not all target segments are profiled with copies of the source. Cannot discover a pattern. 

Hi Hans,

I am going to look into it but bear in mind that not all Studio segments can be deleted. For example, CT does not delete locked segment or the ones with internal locks.


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