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Does CafeTran have a big marketing deficit?

I've just browsed the latest issue of MDÜ and I read about Kilgray's, SDL's and STAR's efforts regarding Machine Translation.

And I think: if only the readers could read about CafeTran's superior quality in this domain (too).

Good wine needs no bush, but how can CafeTran get attention among all this united marketing forces.

Hm, difficult point. CT aims at different "user groups" (e.g. high profile users, Mac users, Linux user, users looking for a cheap tool, users that use CT as 2nd or 3rd tool for certain jobs) at the same time, so this is pretty hard to answer.

What about a "write a blog entry (comparing CT with tool XY) and win a free license (forever or for x years" or some similar competition (doing a video, a selfie with you and your computer with CT running etc.) like that? Yes, this is childish, but many users love this.

Or maybe some guerrilla marketing (at least as long as we are unable to clone Hans)?

And indeed you need to reach some influencers (e. g. Jost Zestsche) and to convince them.

Nice ideas and a good analysis!

One big issue is that novice users are so afraid that their new tool isn't compatible with the leading market forces that they don't even consider to test another tool, that might be better suited for their needs.

Perhaps a 100 % compatibility guarantee or seal should be given/introduced. Perhaps even in combination with a money back promise.

This is also a nice idea, but there is the risk that – let the guess – 1 or 2 out of 3 people having a problem (despite it is their own fault – no QA used, wrong settings or similar issues) will expect to have their money back.

Marketing is a funny thing. E.g. people getting a free ball pen or any other free gimmick from their bank are sometimes happier than other people that get real problems resolved.

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