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Let CafeTran consider \n as a tag

It would be very useful (at least in my line of business) when CafeTran could consider '\n' (a string that's very frequently used in automation software and indicates a new line) as a tag, especially not hindering the recognition of the word directly after the '\n':

What does the "Man." in your screenshot mean? Is it part of the tag?



Indeed and seconded, Hans, but one of the things that nags me with CT is the impossibility to see what a tag is for, e. g. spaces and so on.

In other tools you might see a tag as a symbol with a text such as <b>, <nbsp;> oder <br> and choose between a "short view" and a "long view". Sure, in many cases in CT you can see in the grid what the tag is for. 

But anyway: It would be nice to be able to click onto a tag in CT (or to hover over it) and to see (with a tool tip) what is inside.

Actually, it is possible to see what a tag stands for. Press F3 to see the list of all tags in the current segment. if you mouse over any of the tags on the list, the content of the tag will be shown.



Uh, thanks. I have never worked with F3/the tag list, but nice to know.

With the iPhone, you have the "there is an app for that" effect. With CafeTran, you have the "there is a hint for that" effect.

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