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What can Verifika and ErrorSpy do, what CafeTran cannot do?

CafeTran's QA is already very good. One check that CafeTran cannot do, is checking translation consistency, while ignoring white spaces, tags and punctuation marks:

any other categories missing?

What is CafeTran a great tool, it covers so many categories already!

Just was remembered that ApSIC Xbench 3.0 also can be used for QA. So there are three options:

  • ApSIC Xbench 3.0
  • Verifika
  • ErrorSpy

Okapi Checkmate is another option.


There is a free version of Verifika, but it is for only Windows I think.


>Okapi Checkmate is another option.

Thanks for reminding me. Very likely that this cross-platform solution will be what I'm looking for. More specifically: I'm looking for a tool that can report translation consistency errors while ignoring white spaces and punctuation marks (like Verifika and ErrorSpy do): a very useful QA item:

- Open the lid

- Open het deksel

Open the lid.

Open de deksel.

I want to have this inconsistency reported. If it's already possible with CafeTran's Bordmittel (already present features) all the better.

Dear Colleagues,

What are the errors that Verifika, Xbench and ErrorSpy can report, that you absolutely need AND that CafeTran cannot report yet?

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