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Dealing with ACRONYMS

CafeTran's native glossary format is tab-delimited: you can use your list right away.

It also allows source-side and target-side alternatives:

ACRONYM;long form source TAB ACRONYM;long form target

That way, you can keep together what belongs together. During translation, you can easily switch between automatic insertion of the alternative target via the right mouse button: so you can choose to have the acronym translated as acronym or as a long form. Once or in the whole project.

A similar regex would be needed to prep the glossary.

I've recorded as short video to demonstrate this.

(185 Bytes)
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Elegant approach, isn't it? Keep together, what belongs together. Though, I admit: one should be very, very careful with stupid claims like that. A lot of wars were started just because of such a claim. Okay, no politics here.

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