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How to exclude notes of PPT files?

I want to import only slides and not notes of PPT files when using CT.

Can someone explain how?

You can use this work-around:

  • Instal this macro to remove all notes.
  • Run it on a copy of your PPT file and translate it
  • Import the original PPT
  • Filter on all empty segments: these should be all notes
  • Task > Source to target

Or, you can use this modified version of the macro:

Sub RemoveNotes()

Dim objSlide As Slide

Dim objShape As Shape

For Each objSlide In ActivePresentation.Slides

For Each objShape In objSlide.NotesPage.Shapes

If objShape.TextFrame.HasText Then

objShape.TextFrame.TextRange = "!!" & objShape.TextFrame.TextRange

End If



End Sub


  • Import the PPT
  • Either filter on all segments that contain !! and filter on them
  • Task > Source to target
  • Filter on all untranslated
  • Afterwards, remove all !! in CafeTran

  • Import the PPT
  • Sort alphabetically: all segments with !! will be at the top
I just realised that you'll probably have to experiment with the segmentation: e.g. set it to paragraph

Or you remove the notes manually.

Or you use the Clipboard workflow.

Thank you so much. I am still learning how to fully utilize Cafetran. I will try your suggestion and hopefully one of them will work for me.  


It may be too late, but all the notes can be deleted in one operation. Please see: Tips and tricks



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