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User-defined tags

It would be nice to be able to hide certain strings (like '\n' or '\r') in third-party XLIFF as CafeTran tags, during the translation phase. That's: not by altering the XLIFF (to avoid re-import issues) but by just treating these strings as tags, including the recognition of adjacent words at the left-hand and right-hand side of the tags.

These strings are very common in GUI translations. Currently they are represented as:

Open the menu\nView and ...

\nView isn't recognised as a term and other disadvantages.

It would be super useful to retag this as:

Open the menu1View and ...

(the number of irritating strings is very limited, \n and \r are the most irritating ones)

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I tried to solve this by adding \n to the list of additional spaces, but I cannot find the correct syntax for that:

didn't work. Whereas:

had some effect, as long as the source term didn't contain any 'n':

(note that all 'n' are removed)

With the source term 'Installation', this didn't work:

Resume: This could be a nice solution to have CafeTran recognise terms after the '\n' in Studio projects, once the correct syntax for the Additional spaces field is clear.


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