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Visit the translation conference in Hilversum?

Interpretation and translation conference "Getting ahead together" next week in Hilversum, Netherlands.

Any CafeTran users who are planning to visit the conference?

Funnily enough, I was asked to participate, and talk about terminology at the Tolk- en Vertaalcongres. However, believe it or not, the guy who called me never emailed me, and I scribbled down his name on a piece of paper somewhere, and then promptly lost it. I vaguely remember he gave me his email address too, but I also remember not being sure I had heard and written it down correctly. I keep meaning to email him to tell him I am too busy to attend, but, ho ho ho, I am too busy to figure out who he was ;)


Strange thing is that I just learned yesterday via an Atril mailing that the conference will take place. Very strange indeed.

Should we promote CafeTran there?

>I was asked to participate

Yeah, I was already missing you and your expertise with the Dragon when I read about this.

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