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English source variants and TMs

For the purpose of reusing TMs with English as Source language, and especially in the context of Total Recall, how do you manage the different English variants for your TMs?

The TM variant can be quickly changed with a search and replace on the TMX using a text editor or other tools, Olifant comes to mind.

Do you keep separate versions for en-GB, en-US and/or en, for your language pairs, when English is the source language in Total Recall?

This is what I am considering, but I'd like to know if there's a better way (or a less tedious one) to go about it!

Excuse my ignor-hans but are these variant really relevant for the source side? I can understand (even I) that they are relevant for the target side. Must be missing some insight here (and elsewhere).

To the translator the variant is only relevant for the target side indeed. However, there are some projects that use en, en-US or en-GB as source etc. and my interest was to make sure I can reuse TMs with different source variants in CT.

It seems my initial test was misleading.

I'm testing again now with more memories and as long as you use a consistent variant when storing in TR, and choose the same variant when loading the Total Recall memory, it seems to recognize matches even if the project source variant is different.

I'll have to test some more though

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