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URGENT: How can I insert an extra line feed in a segment of an MS Word document?

I'm currently translating an OCR'd DOCX file. The recognition is quite good, but some lines with bullets have been merged. I'd like to add line feeds after every line, in the Target segment pane. How can I do this?

I've already created a Preview to have a look, but the lines are merged in the target document.

Perhaps via a Unicode value?

Hullooh, anybody awake here?

CafeTran does not support creating new paragraphs in Word documents. It translates the source text and recreates the translation based on the source document paragraph structure. If you need a different paragraph structure in the target document, you would need to edit the translated Word document and change it in Word. Alternatively, consider using the Clipboard workflow for this type of OCR documents where you can have a full control over the currently-translated part of the text in the original applications - Ms Word in this case.

I've solved it via adding 'LineFeed' at the appropriate positions and execute a F/R in MS Word: 

Find: 'LineFeed'

Replace with: '^l' (the Word character for a linefeed)

Perhaps I'll use a flag character () next time, in order not to contaminate the TM too much.

And thanks for responding, btw ;)

>CafeTran does not support creating new paragraphs in Word documents.

On second thought: a line feed doesn't cause a new paragraph

I just read that in OmegaT it's possible to use Shift+Enter to force a line feed in docx. That would be a very useful feature for CafeTran too, in order to structuring text. Uber-useful, I'd say.

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