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Great free tool to backup Windows 10

And even restore it on different hardware! Mit nur einem Doppelklick ein Image erstellen und dieses Backup mit kaum mehr Aufwand auf quasi beliebiger Hardware wiederherstellen, das geht mit c't-WIMage, und zwar nun auch unter Windows 10.

Please be aware of the fact that a very aggressive trojan horse currently is locking (encrypting) personal computers and web servers.

Make sure that you have a backup. Best unlock your USB station after making a backup. You should even consider to unlink your cloud backup!

When still working most time under Windows, I was used to Cobain Backup (that is not developed any more, what a pity).

Indeed backup (and all related stuff) is one of the essential points for any person working with a computer (if not delegated to an admin).

Here is some free protection against Locky the aggressive Trojan horse:
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