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Using the Align two documents workflow

This is the last workflow that I'll be demonstrating:

Align two documents workflow

Duration: 13:06


You can use the Alignment workflow to create a Translation Memory from legacy documents: a source document and its translation.

All file formats that are supported by CafeTran, can be aligned too.

Topics in this video:

  • Import a source and a target document
  • Rearrange the CafeTran interface a little, for a better overview
  • Navigate through the imported documents, while merging (joining) source or target segments where needed
  • Get rid of superfluous source or target segments
  • Add abbreviations to the list of abbreviations; Please note that in the video an abbreviation is added for the target segment. However, the example abbreviation should have been selected at the source side.

And a first draft of the chapter about this workflow in the training manual. I'll be probably adding some procedural steps in written text later on. For now, you can watch the video.

BTW: The CafeTran Training website does not work with Safari, it remains blank (no problem with Chrome at the same time). 

It works here on two Macs.

Must be a question of Flash (Chrome has a Sandbox Flash app by default, and my Mac does not have Flash (for very simple reasons).

The video is not available any longer under this URL. Where can I access it? Thanks.


Since the user interface has changed a bit in the 2018 version, the new videos should be created. For now, please check the alignment steps outlined in the Knowledge Base here.


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