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Using the TMX edit workflow

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Video: Using TMX Edit mode

* Opening a TMX file in Edit mode

* Finding and Replacing text in the source or target segments

* Performing QA checks

* Performing filter actions

Both links are broken.


Bruno: Both links are broken.

What is it you want to do?

To edit a memory:

  • Run CafeTran
  • Drop the TMX file you want to edit on the Dashboard
  • Select "Edit"
In the Menu, go to:


You can also use the regular edit features, like Find/Replace.


I spent half an hour looking for how to align documents since I'd seen people mention it. Finally found it in the new project dropdown.


Bruno: I spent half an hour looking for how to align documents since I'd seen people mention it

You wouldn't have found it in those broken links anyway, because aligning is used to create a TM, not to edit one.

Anyway, if possible, don't use the CafeTran aligner. It's pretty good, but aligning is a tedious, time-comsuming job. If you haven't signed an NDA, use youalign, if you have, try LF_Aligner. Both are free.


Yeah, I was really just grasping at straws to find anything that might mention alignment. I've had some success with bligner in the past, but the idea of a GUI-based, editable aligner seemed attractive. I might just have to go back to basics since I'm already pulling my hair trying to get CafeTran's tool to comply.


Bruno:  a GUI-based, editable aligner seemed attractive

Well, you can align using bligner, youalign, or LF_aligner, and then check using CafeTran's TMX editor.

TMTown used to have a web/GUI-based aligner that was pretty good, but I can't find it anymore... (I admit I didn't try very hard, though)


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