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With integrated CT!

I must admit that I really like their UI idea of having a full preview of the src and trgt. Very nice.

I was thinking exactly that, that you would like it. And I can see why. The big bummer came when I activated the Find command: not implemented yet.

The program itself is kind of a big turd (sorry Western United States of CAT tools Inc.), but has some very good UI ideas.

I noticed that the target segment editor doesn't take input from Dictation on Mac. The fully wysiwyg character formatting is a ice peace of Work. If it would be possible to select a couple of segments at once, you could send their translation back in a merged form with possibly changed order: that's what you're looking for. Also very original: the handling of PDF files: they send them to a server and you get a project file back. Perhaps CT can send PDF to TM-Town?
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