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Visit the great Hieronymus Bosch exposition

Gisteren naar StarWars geweest en wat ik al dacht : George Lucas cited Hiëronymus Bosch as an influence in the creation of several of the extra-terrestrial creatures in Star Wars.

Here's Bosch's Segments filter bird:

I just read that this upside down funnel was a symbol of someone not being able to gather new knowledge. Beautiful.

If you are a fan of Suske and Wiske, you can order a special and limited edition about Hieronymus Bosch here.

I see that they are called Spike and Suzy in English.

At 16:00 we have the great joy to visit the exhibition. I'm really looking forward.

Regard Google Translate and Bing Translator: after initial skepticism I must admit that they actually help me improving my style.  

After visiting the exhibition, at 20:30 we stood at Bosch's house "De Kleine Winst", at 23:00 its neighbour came down. #Verpletterend

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