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White text

I'm translating a Word doc produced by the customer from a PDF which contains a few passages of white text on a blue background.

The font colour is white and the text therefore invisible in the 'Project segments' grid (though it's visible in the 'Source segment' and 'Target segment' panes).

Is there a way of making this text visible (other than setting a background colour)?

If not, should CafeTran adjust the font colour where fontcolour=backgroundcolour?



Hi Amos,

Changing the theme to View > Themes > Blue or Dark should make the white text visible.


Hey Igor,

yes, as mentioned in the original post  I thought of that, but whatever colour you choose, there will always be cases where the client has used your selected colour as their font colour. Wouldn't it be helpful to automatically modify the display font colour where fontcolour=backgroundcolour?



Yes, that's a good idea! BTW, you can also change the background color of the segments like this:

1. Place the cursor in the target segment pane.

2. Set its background in View > Colors > Background

3. Take the next segment, you will notice that the background for the segments is changed too.


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This issue still exists. Any chance of a fix? (Rather than a workaround.)


Hi Jeremy,

Check View > Themes > Replace document colors

Then, just move to the next segment to refresh the view.


Fantastic, many thanks for your rapid assistance!


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