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Bug report: correct speling error (CTRL+space) results in bizarre correction

 Hi Igor,

the title says it all I think.

My example:

proviosion is corrected to Genericize.

Note that on right clicking it offers sensible suggestions.

It also works correctly on the 2nd or 3rd go.

Note that I used CTRL+space to correct generisc previously (possibly last use), and I think it (correctly) corrected it to generic.



Perhaps the cursor was at another word (not at the word to be corrected)?

I don't quite see your point.
Normally CTRL-space  corrects the first error prior to the cursor position regardless of where the cursor is placed (as a careless typist, my favourite feature). It is still correcting the first error prior to the cursor position, but with completely unrelated words, which do seem to be related to previous corrections (could be some sort of race condition?). I can't see that it's a question of cursor placement.


You are aware of the fact hat you can press CTRL+space multiple times? And that the most sensible correction indeed isn't the first or second one? Nevertheless, it's a great little feature.

And I'm almost to shy to ask for another one: Ctrl+Alt+Space to add all unknown words in the current segment to the custom dictionary at once.

But hey, you didn't hear me asking for that one!

Hi Hans,

I confess that I wasn't, but I've just tried it, and what I got (after a correct correction on the first attempt was a selection of corrections from a previous translation! (And with only the most tenuous relation to the word being corrected.)
This definitely looks like a bug to me. (Perhaps it's not clearing the array of possible corrections between invocations and if it doesn't find a suggestion it thus gives you the previous one.)



With all due respect: I find this one very funny:

correct speling error

Duh, the suggestions are from Hunspell, not from your older work, if I'm not mistaken (if I am, Hans van den Broek will be so kind to point it out loud and clear, very vocal: that's his mission in life, as stated previously: "I'll make your life a hell, prepare for war!")

Interesting observation - they are probably from my custom dictionary, Isn't it nonetheless odd that
'entsure' is, after the correct 'ensure' , being corrected to 'nitrile', 'Nitrile', 'exudating' and 'Underpads'?

But also note that this has no bearing on the original bug report.


>Interesting observation - they are probably from my custom dictionary

That's indeed an interesting observation. It would explain why it sometimes takes a few seconds to populate the pop up with the replacement suggestions -- especially when the word to check contains a dash: Anwalts-Kanzlei.

The CTRL+Space shortcut displays the alternatives for the last misspelled word when typing, that is, you type a word, see it red-underliend and press CTRL+Space to correct it. If the first suggestion is not correct, keep pressing the shortcut for the next suggestions. For the correction of misspelled words in the reviewed segments, please use the second shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+S.  The alternative suggestions are generated by the Hunspell library that CafeTran is using.


Hi Igor,

thanks, I had intimated that from Hans' replies. Any further problems, I'll contact Hunspell. ;)
I googled this briefly last night and it looks like there may be ways (switches to use) to improve these results from Hunspell - when I have time I'll Google some more and get back to you if I come up with anything useful.



I'm reexcavating this thread, as the problem diagnosis and solutions offered are not correct.

This is still a regular problem. When I use this feature I frequently receive suggestions from the last time I used it. It seems highly likely that CafeTran is simply not passing the correct information to Hunspell or not processing the information it gets back from Hunspell correctly.
***Please fix.***


I confirm this occurs for me as well.

However, I have not raised a ticket because I noticed it happens when I have been jumping within the segment (with Ctrl+Left/Right arrow or with the mouse cursor) for some reason. Can you replicate it consistently? I'll try to myself as it will help to isolate and fix the issue.

If this can be avoided, it would be great indeed, and would make a really nice feature even nicer!

The current implementation corrects the last red-underlined word, which works fine as you keep typing with the cursor at the end position. However, it causes some confusion when you jump into the middle of the sentence to correct a word there (e.g. when reviewing). Then, it still considers the last underlined word for correction - not the one at the cursor. Please expect some improvement in the next update.

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Thanks Igor!!


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