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PDF viewer


It's the first time I'd like to use the PDF viewer, but the command doesn't open any PDF: nothing happens. (I'm on Windows 7). Is this an issue or do I have to set anything in particular? I have the latest update.

Thanks and cheers,


Hi Elisabetta,

You may have missed an update with the PDF viewer library.

Please apply the following update:

And then again the latest update right after the above:


Hello Igor,

yes, true. I installed the update, but now, after clicking on PDF viewer, CT is loading something very very slowly... is this OK?


(32.3 KB)

Hi Elisabetta,

Did you actually choose any PDF file to preview in the PDF viewer?


 Hello Igor,

yes, I did, this is what I see, it's still loading, now it's by 329M of 692M... :-D

(49.7 KB)

I use my own version of a PDF (pre)viewer, and I use another operating system, so I can't really check, but I think

does not indicate the loading progress, but how much memory has been assigned (by you or Java) for this purpose. If I'm right, you don't have anything to worry about.


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