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How to filter out locked segments

For a while now, CafeTran has been able to display which segments are locked when translating Trados files, and CafeTran also skips over these segments when transitioning to the next segment that needs to be translated.

I need to be able to filter out the locked segments, so I can then export only the actual content I translated, so I can check the word count in Word. I normally get paid by source character, but I have a unique project that is billed per target word.

I cannot find anyway of getting the dam number of target words in either CafeTran or Trados, so this is the only thing I have figured out, but the count is skewed because the text file that I can output from CafeTran includes the locked segments.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Jason,

CafeTran does not include the locked segments when performing the word count via Project > Statistics > Project Statistics.


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