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Ctrl+B and Remaining tags

When you have enabled auto-assembling, tags around recognised words will be inserted:

I'd like to discuss the following modification to the command Action > Tags > Insert remaining tags:

  • If this command is enabled, there should be no insertion of any tags during AA.
And now let me explain why I suggest this change:

  • In documents where users only want to keep the BIU formatting, they can forget about the numbered tags and instead apply formatting via the context menu (BIU).
Like this:

It would be nice if BIU could be mapped to Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I and Ctrl+U (currently mapped to delete til end of segment) too, additionally to the context menu commands.

Regarding the representation of the tag that CafeTran automatically inserts when Remaining tags is activated: should this be a zero, or a tag in another colour (e.g. blue)?
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