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The factor formerly known as "Productivity"

Here I will explain that what I used to call (a wish for) 'productivity' in many ways is the wish to avoid irritating behaviour of software. Like:

  • When jumping from a Find field to a Replace field, having to click into this field first enable to get control, then to position the cursor to the first position of the field, in order to collapse any selection etc. etc. Having to mouse and click five times before I can correct any typo in the Replace field (aargh, how I hate that).
Many other examples possible.

And all features / behaviour that's well-designed in CafeTran.

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It often looks (at least to me) that the programmers have forgotten what's the utmost important (at least to me) function of any text editor: to easily edit text. Moving around, navigating between fields, cursor positioning etc. Basic! I'd even say: elementary, dear What Son?

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