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Concordance Search

Dear all,

to me the most important feature in any kind of CAT-Tool: "Concordance Search"

Where is it gone?

Thanks and a nice day ahead!


You have to activate the search bar first!

Über das Menü oder mit Command+Shift+F

Danke, mein Freund! Hat gefunzt! :)


I am sorry, but where exactly is this function in CafeTran? I simply can`t find this Concordance button anywhere. Thank you!

The Concordance search is performed via the search buttons above the search field. For example, if you wish to search your translation memories, use the TM source or TM target button depending on whether you wish to search in you source or target language segments of your translation memory (TM).

If you can't see the search field and buttons, please activate them via the menu Edit > Quick search... .


Thank you. This search bar was exactly what I searched for, because all the answers I found here for this function were about older versions of Cafetran, that`s why the question. 

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