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And suddenly there was a range of videos about CafeTran

And suddenly there was a range of videos about CafeTran, created by Igor himself!

(See the Solutions department)

Ik would be nice to be able to link forum postings to these videos/articles and the other way around. Any mechanism for that?

For the time being, I have this first question about the Clipboard workflow: isn't it possible to have the bold formatting transferred?

No plans to implement that?

I guess that a simple VBA macro could convert the formatting to <b>...</b>, but the Clipboard is very well able to store formatting, so I'm a little puzzled here.

Great workflow, though!

Other question, I thought that (at a certain stage) the app switching (from Word <> CafeTran) was executed automatically? Has this been removed? Java version dependent?

Michael, did you watch the video about the Clipboard workflow? Some observations:

  • Formatting isn't transferred
  • The order of the segments cannot be changed (a mini-document approach could solve that)

And a wild idea:

  • When you let the selection exist in Word, you can paste the translation from CafeTran right at the correct position (that's still selected)
  • This could be automated via some macros, so that you have to press a bunch of keyboard shortcuts less

>The order of the segments cannot be changed (a mini-document approach could solve that)

Since there is no need to keep any file format intact with this workflow, it would be worthwhile to investigate means to change the arrangement of segments in the TU.

Well, anyway, I'll have new stuff to play with and to investigate. Whenever I have the time to ;).

Thanks for directing me to this very good news.

I just started a new topic in CafeTran for Newbies.


And here's a version with some automation

One macro selects the next sentence in Word, copies it to the Clipboard, switches to CafeTran.

A second macro copies the translation to the Clipboard, switches to Word and types the translation.

I don't think any macros are needed for the Cilpboard workflow unless you really have a case for it. In a typical scenario, the user transfers a larger part of text (such as few pages  or paragraphs). CafeTran divides the transfered part into sentences for you.

Well, personally I'd like an approach where I only would have to press Cmd+C in the originating app, and that CafeTran would do the switching. That's why I played with these macros.

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