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The Felix workflow

Looks from these screenshots that the translation process actually takes place in Felix: I can see the advantage of that for certain types of text. I think that the combination of get source text to the clipboard and send the target text also to the clipboard , once it's ready, can help you. But the translation process would require a switch to CT, I guess. And you probably want to stay in Word. The CT magic would have to take place in the background. Distraction free. A of course you would make the glossary pane floating and position it next to Word's interface. And then you'd also like to be able to insert anything from a CT TM or glossary easily into Word. By dragging over the target text, using the keyboard etc.

Oops: takes place in Ms Word!!!!
Okay, I see that Word can indeed be automated via Java: so far, so good
So Michael, your primary requirements would be to stay in Word. No switching away from it in the translation phase, that is while creating the target segment. So that you can use Dragon, see the whole context of the segment and to be able to move segments around In the document. Anything else?

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Just thinking out loud here: could CTs feature to create a preview of the target document be a starter here? It lets you quickly open Word and see the text that you've already translated. I have the feeling that this feature could be pursuaded to spit out the Word formatted version of your 5 target sentences that you want to treat as one TU. And then have this mini doc automatically inserted into your source doc. So ct would constantly spit out mini documents of either one sentence or five sentences and this output would completely automatically be inserted in your opened Word document in Word. Either via the clipboard or via automation. And if you don't have to see ct pop up in this phase: even better.

I still have this storm in my brain, so I keep on brainstorming:

How about this approach (it would suffice the requirement that the editing is done in Word):

The text to translate (1 sentence ... 5 sentences) is copied to a second pane in Word, either above or under the main document. The whole content of this document is sent to CafeTran for preparation and the result is pasted/set back to this auxiliary document. You make the further modifications and once you're happy, you send it to the main document, where it's inserted at the appropriate position.

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