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Testing 1, 2, 3 ...

Okay, I have five minutes. So I'm going to try to create a regular expression that I can enter in the Remove Characters input box in the prefs and that will remove the sloppy space before , commas , exclamation marks ! , question marks ? and the like.

Like? I like French (fries, kisses, croissants ) etc . but I find this habit to insert spaces at random really 'mwah'. Typewriter era is over , tu sais ?

Okay, even in Hackzack-Übersetzungsvorlagen aus dem deutschen Sprachraum there's occasionally an extra space before the comma.

And since I depend heavily on auto-assembling, these ugly spaces are transferred to my beautiful small polder language pane. 

Time for a solution!

Well this doesn't work ...

May not work in CT. I don't use regexes in CT, too difficult for me.


Made a mistake : don't want to add this expression to the field for Characters for removal (I'd have to activate the command manually then). I'd like to add it to the six fields I. The preferences on the tab for auto-assembling, so that ct removes the extra spaces automatically while assembling my target segment. I can simply add space plus exclamation mark in one field, space plus comma in the field below etc. but I can only define three pairs. And I have already used one to convert all kind of curly quotes to my preferred double straight quotes. So I thought: reg ex to the rescue. So far, no success. Igor?

No need for that Igor.

  • Quit CT
  • Open the XLF file in a suitable text editor (no need to open it in TextWrangler)
  • Execute the regex I provided above (at your own risk) 
  • Save (unless you didn't open it)
  • Restart CT
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