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REQ: Smart repair of punctuation marks

Would it be possible to let CafeTran handle the punctuation marks?

Add them where necessary:

TM contains:

Function = Funktion

Source segment pane contains:


AA will add ':' to get Funktion:

(this smart repair will likely only be possible at the end of segments)

Remove them where superfluous:


Translation Editor contains:

CafeTran could (not should!) remove the internal and final quotation marks.

Another example:

TE contains:

CafeTran could remove the trailing colon (it already detected that the source is difference).

in my opinion these automatically repaired matches could be set to Exact matches then and being skipped

Ultra-smart repair would be: CafeTran queries the glossary (or fragments memory) and knows where it has to insert surrounding quotes etc.

How about that for a nice coding challenge?

Some more examples where CafeTran hopefully can adjust the punctuation characters, brackets etc.

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