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Quick term editor needs refreshing?

On my Mac the Quick term editor still needs refreshing. Well, that's not correct:

After making modifications to any glossary entry, the clicking of the OK button in the Quick term editor doesn't cause CafeTran to reload the glossary automatically.

Meaning: any modifications won't be visible in the glossary, when you (like me) forget to refresh.

Wear everyday a fresh shirt at work!

Note that this behaviour is quite misleading, since the modified term pairs will be visible in the glossary.

Hello Hans,

Why do you need to reload the glossary after modifying an entry? CT will take care of saving the modification to the file after a few changes or at exit.

>Why do you need to reload the glossary after modifying an entry? CT will take care of saving the modification to the file after a few changes or at exit.

I often use the QTE to create extra entries. Like: I make a selection of the target and the source term in the QTE, to create plural or singular.

I then close the QTE, click on the blue term in the glossary that I have to modify (e.g. to change the article from die to der)

I make the modification, click OK and het singular/plural is nicely displayed in the glossary pane too. And it is saved when I move to the next segment. 

But it isn't recognised and used for AA until I reload the glossary manually.

Imagine that you have two double (identical) entries in your glossary that you want to remove. You click on the blue first one, the QTE opens, you press Delete. The first one is deleted from the glossary.

Then you press Ctrl+Alt+Enter to refresh the glossary display (now the second instance of the same term pair should be displayed in the glossary). It isn't!

You first have to reload the glossary (refreshing isn't enough). Then you can also delete the second instance of the term pair.

All quite puzzling.


There's some ghost doing bad things in the background.


I experience similar problems as well . And I am talking about a small test glossary with 150-200 entries only not a huge one with tens of thousands of entries with additional fields.



I don't remember exactly when I encountered this issue, but this ghost seems to be active after:

1. I modified the source side of an existing entry
2. I modified or deleted an existing duplicate entry


BTW, reloading a glossary automatically resets the selected search field to the target language. This is not a good idea.


When there are duplicate entries in the glossary, CafeTran can remove the currently-edited entry via the Term Editor but not its duplicate. Then, the duplicate entry needs to be reloaded to replace the deleted entry for automatic matching. I hope to make such a reloading automatic in one of the future updates.

Actually, I personally don't bother about any duplicate entries (they will get merged during the periodical glossary maintenance). I only used the example to indicate that any modification via the QTE can prevent recognition of related terms (not only the edited one!) until you manually force reloading of the glossary.

All I ever wanted to say (in this regard): why not let CafeTran always reload the glossary when the QTE is closed? What could be the disadvantage of that?

> any modification

Reloading is only needed when you remove an entry having a duplicate to let the duplicate replace the deleted entry.

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