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REQ: Floating license

I'd like to request the introduction of the floating CafeTran license. A license that I can transfer to one other computer to work on when my main computer breaks down in the middle of the night.



Last update: 20160129

Indeed this would be nice, and I seond it, but it won't be easy to implement.

Such a system would take some workload from Igor (from a long-term perspective), I assume, but there are some aspects to consider. With a broken computer it will be impossible to transfer this license, if not with a kind of server / database system / online GUI. And how to handle machines that perhaps do not have an internet connection (not very probable, indeed)? And one or two floating licenses? How to avoid fraud?

Yes, fraud should not be facilitated. However, everything can and probably will be hacked. One solution could be the creation of a connection between a license and the holder of that license, combined with a limited durations of one year. But yes, this can be hacked too. And yes, some internet connection for the transfer of the license will be needed. In such a way that the license doesn't have to be returned from the broken computer but will be activated from the new computer. The license on the old computer will then be deactivated as soon as it's repaired and ct is started again. Like with Office 365. And yes, evil persons can keep using ct on the old computer, by keeping it offline.
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