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Auto-Complete and delays

On ProZ, Igor wrote: The Auto-completion in CafeTran is dynamic. The program analyzes the currently-translated segment in real time and generates the list of auto-suggestions on the fly

This suggests that CT may use quite a lot of processing power, and probably time, to create the suggestions.

I love Auto-Complete, but if you use insert Auto-Assemble, it becomes less useful (I think, will have to try and see what happens), and disabling it may speed up CT, and may also help to solve the problem with the hot MacBooks. True of false?



Auto-completion can be disabled at Edit > Preferences > Workflow > Auto-completion, but I don't know whether this feature itself is stopped or continues to work (collect data) in the background.

When translating a document into Japanese, I usually disable it (because of a Japanese-specific issue), but I'm not sure if CT is working faster in these cases.


> disabling it may speed up CT,

False, unless you notice the slow-down during typing.

> and may also help to solve the problem with the hot MacBooks. True of false?

Hard to say, since CT performs lots of other processing in the background as well. It is worth checking it out though.

IK: False

Good. False = Good, True = Bad. Umwertung aller Werte.

It is worth checking it out though

Not by me (although my daughter recently bought a MacBook Air). There are no fan/heat problems with the iMac, but several MacBook owners reported the problem. Existential Epiphenomological Preliminary Translate seems solve the problem for some, but not all.


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