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Minor bug report: formattting error

Hi Igor,

I came across a very minor bug involving formatting today.

I'm translating a Word document, the (German) source text includes various headers involving ordinals in bold. (e.g. 3. Gespräch)

In English, the ordinal suffix is placed as a superscript, so I did this in CafeTran. On exporting back to Word, the text is then non-bold from the start of the superscripted ordinal suffix (so 3. Gespräch becomes 3rd interview [can't show superscript here, but the letters 'rd' are superscripted]).

The whole line is shown as bold in CafeTran.



A nice one.

3.Gespräch is the complete header? In that case, you won't see tags for bold in CT... 

What you can try, is move any existing tags to the end of the segment, and use b and /b for bold, and err, something similar for superscript.


Yes, it's the complete header (though I should note, it's not formatted as a header style in Word, just as bold text) and no, there aren't any formatting tags in the source in CT. Of course there are workarounds (I just corrected it during proofreading), but it would be nice if CT could just get it right.


I don't think it's possible, at least not with "placeholder tags" (they'll become confused), which is why I suggested "real" tags. If it works, it's not a workaround like correcting it when proofing, but it isn't ideal either.


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