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Feature request: ignore all

I'd like an 'ignore all' option during spellchecking. (As opposed to the 'add to dictionary' option we currently have [unless I've misunderstood])

The point being, that often words (e.g. company names) are acceptable in specific projects, but shouldn't be added to the dictionary, as they shouldn't be accepted in other projects.

Alternatively, if this is what we already have, then I want an 'add to custom dictionary' option.

One other thing on spell-checking - it would be great if the list of incorrectly spelt segments during QA would automatically update after confirming the validity of a word marked by CafeTran as misspelt. (i.e. all other segments listed solely because they contain the word which has just been accepted would drop off the list).

And whilst I'm about it, I'd like to be able to QA mismatches in trailing and leading spaces separately (on the whole I care not a jot about trailing spaces, but deeply about leading spaces).

Oh, and when I choose "Check all", I'd like it to remember the settings from the last time I used it (at least for this project, and preferably universally).

That turned into a bit of a shopping list.

Oh and one more:
CafeTran always fails to recognise hyphenated words (treats hyphenated words as a single word) - as I suspect the desirability of this may be language-dependant, could there be a setting to treat hyphenated words as two separate words?


>That turned into a bit of a shopping list.

Don't worry, CafeTran's feature agent will pop in soon.

BTW: Are you sure that Hunspell supports the features that you request? That would be your first thing to check.

Igor's a magician but he cannot break iron with his bare hands. No. Do I need to be? It seems to me that this can be handled in CafeTran before passing text to Hunspell.


Just bumping this one up.
I'd still like to be able to 'ignore all'. Surely I'm not the only one?


If, by "Ignore all", you mean turning off the spell-checker for the given project, you can do it in Project Configuration > Preferences > Spell-Checker box as you create a new project. Also, note that non-translatable fragments from the list (e.g. company names) are ignored by the spell-checker.

No, that's not what I mean - sorry if I wasn't clear.
I mean ignore (i.e. do not subquently mark as misspelt and do not find in spelling QA) all instances of a given word (e.g. a product name or source language word which for whatever reason should not be translated) in that project. (But not subsequent projects - which is why I don't want to add it to the custom dictionary.)


Then select and add such a product name to non-translatables to have it ignored by the spell-checker.

Doesn't that have the same effect as adding it to the custom dictionary - i.e. it wil be ignored for all projects, not just the current project? (Which is explicitly what I don't want.) Or are non-translatables project-specific? There's no documentation, so it's not clear how they work.


> Or are non-translatables project-specific?

Yes, they can be made project-specific if you create a separate glossary of non-translatables just like the regular glossary.

These non-translatables glossaries usually do what they were designed for, so I have quite a lot of them now already.

There is, however, the case where you have/want to change the case of a non-translatable in the target. Then the spelling of the non-translatable isn't ignored.

Hence my request to look into the possibilities to make these non-translatables glossaries (can't we come up with a nicer name?) really ignoring case.

IK: Yes, they can be made project-specific if you create a separate glossary of non-translatables just like the regular glossary.

In that case, why not add the non-translatables to the Project file? That should have the highest priority, so there can't be any problems.

I admit I don't use non-translatable glossaries at all because I think they're complete bull.


I'm disappointed that there isn't a simple way of doing this. I agree with Hans (woorden) that having this in the project file would seem to make sense. (Though I wonder how that would work in, for example, SDL file - given that SDL has an ignore all function though, it presumably also has some xml tag for ignored words?)


You can even add a non-translatable entry to the Project Glossary by preceding the entry with the ! character to distinguish it from regular entries. 

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