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REQ: Effect of settings in the View menu

After yesterday's update I had a Frozen CafeTran (kind of a mocha variant of frozen yoghurt). I had to reinstall CafeTran completely.

These things happen ... (at least to me)

So I started with a plain vanilla CafeTran (also a kind of a yoghurt) and started adjusting my preferences.

Once more I was puzzled by the settings in the View menu, e.g. the Fonts. Some of the changes become effective right away, for others you'll have to restart CafeTran. Quite puzzling.

There's also a partial immediate effectiveness: change the colour for Selection: in the Target segment pane this works immediately, in the Source segment pane you'll keep the default red.


It looks like you installed CafeTran on two different user accounts in your system. CT stores its preferences globally so when you ran it from the second account, it may have read the settings from the last session run in the first account and froze (like a yoghurt) It is recommended to decide in advance which user account is to be used for CafeTran, install it there and stick to it.


>It looks like you installed CafeTran on two different user accounts in your system.

That was yesterday, at home. On the MacBook Pro. I reported this via private mail. You kindly provided a new license file.

Today, without further thinking, I just quickly installed the last update on my office iMac. Same account as always. From the previous release (Ichiro first edition) updated to yesterday's version.

No further changes. And CafeTran froze.

Well, actually this isn't a big deal to me. Improvements come with side effects. Looks like CafeTran's stable again.

So, why would I report this, if it's not a big deal? For the record. To inform others, so that they don't panic.

Okay, all clear now.

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