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Term consistency check not working properly


Today, I saw a case where terms consistency check seems to be not working properly.

For this checking, I used only ProjectTerms (no other resources). CT says the right translation for "Program" does not exist, but it is already in the target segment. Or am I reading this warning incorrectly?

Hi Masato,

Can you submit a ticket and send a .ctp package attached? To create a package go to Project > Export > To package... It works fine here but I will look into it when the Japaneses language is the source.

For Japanese as a target language, you need to switch to QA Exact matching in Edit > Preferences > QA tab. The QA Prefix matching option works with languages having the space as a word separator. In the future update, CT will switch the QA Exact matching option on automatically when Japanese is a target language.

Thanks, Igor.


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