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 like to use the import of some kind of pretranslation (if only to laugh at it) but mainly because it sometimes makes it easy, specially when you are traveling.

There are two things (ok, probably a dozen more) that baffle me

1. when translating, I normally use the automatic insertion into target so I have everything simple. However, it often jumps various segments before stopping. Is there a way it will stop after filling in this retranslation, after only one segment being filled in?

Where exactly do I find how to change these preference of "jumping over"?

2. and exactly the opposite: is there a way the WHOLE document is automatically filled in?

Just for different ways of working :-)


1. Deactivate any unneeded jumps from Skip/Jump menu.

2. You can create a translation memory from the Google Translate. Right-click at Google Translate pane and choose Create TMX memory. Then each source segment will have a 100% match from this TMX.


thanks, but where is the skip/jump menu?

CafeTran Espresso 2015 - see the Translate > Jump menu

CafeTran Espresso 2016 - see the Action > Skip menu

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