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REQ: Access to the Menu

About a 1,000 builds ago (somewhere late last year?), you could access the Menu without running a project. This was particularly useful if you wanted to help another user, but didn't want to run/set up a project. It's not an important REQ, but if that functionality can be restored easily, I'd be happy.


What you're trying to do is still possible, as it has always been. Simply close the Dashboard (without opening/creating a project), and the menus will be there.


You made me happy. Not for long though, it doesn't seem to work on a Mac. Thanks anyway.


See the X icon at the top left-hand corner of the Dashboard. It works alright here on Mac here (El Capitan).


Ahh. That's the trick. The "x" in the Dashboard, not the "x" of the app. Thank you, Martin and Igor.


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