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SDL package opened by CT cannot be opened in Studio


When an SDL project package is dragged and dropped onto the Dashboard and a project folder is created, some characters are automatically added to the project file name.

Although the project can be processed normally with CT, I can't open this project file in Studio ("Can't open file" message appears). This problem can't be solved by simply removing these characters from the file name.

I watched two videos provided by for beginners, but this issue is not mentioned there. So I think this is not part of the normal process.

What do I need to do to open the project in Studio? I'm using the latest build of Ichiro.

>So I think this is not part of the normal process.

Indeed it isn't. Some encoding issue?

Just as my memo.

Until today, I haven't used this drag&drop feature. Instead (I can't recall why)

1. Open a Studio project package in Studio.
2. Directly translate the sdlxliff file in the target language folder with CT.
3. Create a return package with Studio.


In most of the cases I've opened the package with a script that unzipped the package and deleted everything except for the sdlxliff in the target folder. Then I translated this file. When I had finalized it, I started Studio, opened the package, copied the translated sdlxliff to the target folder. Opened the file in Studio, pressed F8 and created a return package. This way I only had to start Windows and Studio once. Lately I have begun to open the package directly in CafeTran, via the Project Configuration dialog: I first copy the package to my CafeTran projects tree. So dragging and dropping isn't a time saver in that scenario. Note that I've used this dragging onto the dashboard for Studio packages only occasionally.
BTW: in the scenario above, I often don't want to use the included TM. In that case it's already enough to press Escape when opening the project in CafeTran and the en_GB Memory dialog pops up.
To be complete: once I've translated the package, I let ct create the return package. I then either send this to the client, without starting Windows and Studio and verifying. Or, in case of any doubt about the integrity of the package, I start Windows and Studio and open the SDLPPX , then the return package. Yep, you cannot open only the return package. I press F8 and send Windows to sleep. I send the return package created with CafeTran. I could of course let ct create an SDLPPX instead of a return package, then I would have to open only one package in Studio. I could then either send this ppx created by ct to the client -- who most likely will be astonished why I did return a ppx and not a return package. Or I could create a return package in Studio and send this one.
Well, if this issue is not experienced by everyone, then should it be attributable to Java in a Japanese environment? I just installed the last build, but this issue still persists.

It's OK. There is a workaround I can use.


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