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Question about automatic saving operation


I currently have three automatic simultaneous project-saving operations running which take forever. It's not the first time this occurs and I don't know how to change this, especially as I don't know what it's saving (it says the same "saving project...." in the three bars). It seems to slow down the progress from one translated segment to the following segment. It also appears that I have a bunch of empty temporary files in the project folder.

All in all, in am in a big chapter (100,000 w.) in a big project, I have tried to keep the memories used to a minimum (ProjectTM is 5Mb and another one was extracted from Total Recall but I cannot tell its size), but it seems that CafeTran is becoming slower and slower to the point that I have to wait for it.

What could I do to optimize the workflow? Especially as delivery deadline is approaching.

Thanks for your help,


Ubuntu 14.04, Java 8, 4096 Gb of Ram allocated to CT.

Update : I now have five of these "saving" operations running...

Hi, Nathalie

Your immediate problem is not so much clear to me, but please change the value in Edit > Preferences > Workflow > Auto-save project. Increasing it (e.g., to 10). It may help especially when your project is very large.



Thanks Masato, 

I had already done that, but even then, I ended with as many as 6 concurrent save operations (and same number of empty tmp files in the project folder), and no possibility to progress in the job. In addition as I was unable to go out of CafeTran, I killed the program, and from the ProjetTM, it was obvious that it had not been updated with the last ten or twenty segments. I am now saving the TM _AND_ exporting the project as another tmx manually every few segments, at least until the end of this big chapter, just to make sure I won't loose anything.


Hi Nathalie,

To what Masato said, I might add the following tips:

1. Use Total Recall,

2. Use Preliminary Memory matching - former Pretranslation for the recalled TM.

3. Make sure that Java 8 is 64-bit, and if you can, increase RAM allocated to CafeTran for this big project.


A 100k words file is BIG. If everything else fails, I'd split it. There must be split/merge (concatenate) apps for Ubuntu, I suppose.


Sorry that I did not reply to any of you, I am in stakhanovist-robot mode until the end of the project. Sill some 90 000 words (50 000 in the big problematic chapter)... 

I'll try your suggestions when I am done with it.

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